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GS: The History of the Maxi Enduro

GS: La Storia della Maxi Enduro Endurrad

Peppe Z |

This is an overview of the history and development of BMW's "GS" series of motorcycles, with a focus on the off-road and touring versions. Here is a summary of the main phases and models mentioned in the text:

  1. Origins in the 1970s:

    • The design of the "GS" series began in the late 1970s with BMW's involvement in off-road competitions, such as the "Six-Days".
    • BMW's tradition of off-road sporting activities dates back to the 1930s.
  2. Sporting successes and development:

    • Victory in the German Off-Road Championship in 1979 provided the impetus for developing a homologable series version based on competition experience.
    • The R 80 G/S, launched in 1980, was the first large twin-cylinder enduro, introducing a new sector of large touring enduros.
  3. Popularity and globetrotters:

    • The R 80 G/S quickly becomes popular among globetrotters thanks to its power reserves, long-distance comfort and off-road capabilities.
    • Participation in events such as the Paris-Dakar and African rallies with notable successes.
  4. Range expansion:

    • In 1988, the R 100 GS, the enduro with the largest displacement on the world market at the time, was launched, achieving enormous commercial success.
    • Later models, such as the R 1150 GS and R 1200 GS, continue to dominate the sales charts in many countries.
  5. Innovations and commercial successes:

    • In 1994, the GS models with a four-valve-per-cylinder engine became a major commercial success.
    • In 2004, the R 1200 GS was introduced, followed by the HP2 Enduro in 2005, representing a return to the past with a particular focus on off-road riding.
  6. New era and specialization:

    • In 2005, the R 1200 GS achieved leadership in the over 750 cc segment and placed fifth in the Italian sales rankings.
    • In 2006, the HP2 Enduro represents a sporting breakthrough with a specialist approach to design and engineering.

History shows how BMW's GS series has evolved over time, becoming one of the most popular and recognizable ranges of touring and off-road motorcycles.

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