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BMW GS electronics

Accessories and BMW GS electronics

BMW GS electronics: the best components and accessories for your motorbike
Here you can find all the Electronics and Lighting accessories for your BMW GS and much more.

The BMW GS is an off-road motorcycle that requires high-quality components and accessories to ensure superior performance. Electronics are no exception: like every component of your motorcycle, the electronics must also be chosen carefully to avoid failures and reduce maintenance costs.

On Endurrad.com you can find all the electronic components and accessories for your BMW GS, including control units, sensors, on-board computers, and much more. We guarantee the quality of our products and offer you the opportunity to purchase online easily and safely.

Here are some of the electronics products for BMW GS available on Endurrad.com:

Control units

ECUs are one of the most important components of your motorcycle's electronics. They manage engine parameters, regulating the amount of fuel and air entering the engine itself. Furthermore, the control units can also manage other components, such as ABS or traction control.


Sensors are components that transmit information to the on-board computer of your BMW GS. Information on speed, oil temperature, water temperature and many others are sent to the on-board computer to always keep you informed about the status of your motorbike.

On-board computer

The on-board computer is the brain of your BMW GS. It receives information from sensors and control units, and controls the data processing to keep your motorcycle in perfect condition. Furthermore, the on-board computer also provides you with information on fuel consumption, remaining range and engine efficiency.

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