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Cardan protection pads BMW GS 1200 - 1250

Cardan protection pads BMW GS 1200 - 1250

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One of the fundamental and important components of your BMW GS 1200 and 1250 and certainly the cardan, in the case of accidental falls or slips it is essential to preserve the integrity of the cardan, is how to do it?
Precisely for this reason, the protection pads for the cardan were born, these protections are able to preserve the integrity of the cardan in the event of a fall since they create a rubber thickness that distances the cardan from any obstacle or ground in the case of the motorcycle on the ground.
An accessory initially not essential but evaluating the severity of the damage in the event of a fall it becomes immediately indispensable for your BMW GS 1200 and 1250.
The protection pads for the Cardan are made of special high-impact shockproof plastic.


  • Effective double protection against damage from impact and abrasion for swingarm, axle and final drive of the cardan
  • In case of contact with the roadway, the progressive frictional resistance shortens the sliding phase over time and spaceio
  • Ideal in combination with crash bars and protective pads for hub guard, since the vehicle in the "sliding phase" also rests on the axial platesi
  • Simple, quick and safe assembly.
  • With mounting kit

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Special high strength plastic

You can install them on:

BMW R1200GS Adverture LC K51 2013-2016
BMW R1200GS LC K50 2012-2016
BMW R1250GS 2018 to 2021
BMW R1250GS ADV 2018 to 2021

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