BMW GS 1200 - 1250 frame protection

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BMW GS 1200 - 1250 frame protection

The area of ​​the frame most exposed to rubbing from boots or even simple shoes is just above the support footpegs and rear brake and gear control.

Over time, the paint in these areas becomes irreparably damaged. To prevent wear and tearing of these areas, we have created specially forged ABS coating plastics for the trellises in the frame of the BMW GS 1200 and 1250 .

These frame protectors are fixed with clamps even if in ABS and avoid scratching the frame, as well as giving a more off-road look to your BMW GS.

These frame protectors are applied very easily and in just a few minutes.


  •  Protection of the frame from scratches with enduro boots
  •  They protect the swingarm bearings from dirt
  •  Prevent the loss of the swingarm bearing caps
  •  Made to measure
  •  Easy assembly
  •  Weight: 80 g

Mounting 1: For BMW R1200GS Adverture LC K51 2013-2016
Mounting 2: For BMW R1200GS LC K50 2012-2016
Assembly 3: For BMW R1250GS 2018 to 2021
Assembly 4: For BMW R1250GS ADV 2018 to 2021


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    1 pair

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  • BMW
  • R1200 GS
  • R1200 GS ADV
  • R1250 GS
  • R1250 GS ADV

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