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Side stand extension plate BMW GS 1200 - 1250

Side stand extension plate BMW GS 1200 - 1250

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Additional safety for the GS: precisely when it is heavily loaded, or on a soft or uneven ground, the GS easily risks sinking onto the side stand. A perfectly milled extension plate, which can be easily fixed to the side stand and which protects the GS from this danger. Indispensable for the size of your BMW GS 1200 and 1250, this plate increases the contact surface of the side stand.
The original stand has a very limited contact surface with the ground, it is in those soft terrains such as sand, muddy ground, soft asphalt or dirt it is essential to have a uniform and wider support in order to maintain the weight of your BMW GS.
This extension plate for the side stand in your BMW GS, made entirely of aluminum, will give greater support comfort and is established avoiding ruinous falls.


  • Easy positioning of the vehicle on any type of road surface
  • More than 100% increase in the support surface
  • High strength aluminum
  • Available in various alternating colors
  • Rust protection for the original standing surface
  • Milling for original support
  • Easy assembly

Type of material: Aluminum
For motorcycles: BMW
Item Type: Coverings and ornamental moldings
Item Weight: 0.13 kg
Color: black, silver / black
Quantity: 1 piece

You can install them on:
BMW R1200GS Adverture LC K51 2013-2016
BMW R1200GS LC K50 2012-2016
BMW R1250GS 2018 to 2021
BMW R1250GS ADV 2018 to 2021

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