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Rear waterproof bags for BMW GS 1200 - 1250

Rear waterproof bags for BMW GS 1200 - 1250

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Rear waterproof bags for BMW R 1200 - 1250 GS

Waterproof bags to be installed in the rear part of the bike, exactly in the side hand rests.

Surely the small objects to take in motion are never lacking, for example tire repair kits, torx wrenches, gloves, torch, cables, etc.
These practical waterproof bags find their accommodation in the inlets under the passenger's hand rests, therefore zero bulk and maximum utility.
They are also made of fluocarbon and coated with Teflon cordura and waterproof zip.


Volume:approx. 2x2 liters
Black colour
Material: fluocarbon and coated with Teflon cordura
Sold in pairs:left and right
"Not suitable in conjunction with BMW Vario cases!"

You can install it on:

BMW R1200GS 2013-2019
BMW R1200GS LC 2013-2019
BMW R1200GS ADV 2013-2019
BMW R1250GS 2018 2019 2020
BMW R1250GS ADV 2018 2019 2020

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