Accessori per moto BMW





The best accessories for your BMW GS

If you have a BMW GS you know that your motorbike is one of the most reliable and resistant on the market. But to make it even more performing and personalized you can count on a vast range of dedicated accessories, which will allow you to express your driving skills to the fullest and tackle any type of terrain and situation.

In this wish list we offer you the best accessories for your BMW GS, selected from the most requested products by off-road motorbike enthusiasts. Discover our choices and find the product that's right for you!

1. Adjustable windshield: ideal for protecting you from wind and weather during your motorbike trips. You can adjust the height to suit your riding preferences and its aerodynamic shape reduces air resistance.

2. Rear top case: practical and functional, the rear top case allows you to carry the objects you need for your trips without limits. This model is resistant and waterproof to best protect your belongings.

3. Front fairing: improve the aerodynamics of your BMW GS and protect your torso from the wind thanks to the front fairing. Made of resistant and long-lasting material, it adapts perfectly to the shape of your motorcycle.

4. Additional headlights: don't be caught unprepared by night or adverse weather conditions. The additional headlights guarantee optimal lighting and high visibility both day and night.

5. Headlight protection grills: protect the headlights of your BMW GS from any impacts or accidental damage with specific protection grills. Made of resistant material, they adapt perfectly to the headlights of your motorbike.

6. Side crash bars: protect the engine and underside of your BMW GS from damage due to accidental drops or impacts. Made of durable stainless steel or aluminum, side crash bars are an essential accessory for serious off-road enthusiasts.

7. USB socket to charge your electronic devices: never run out of battery during your motorbike trips. The USB socket allows you to charge your electronic devices directly from your BMW GS.

These are just some of the best accessories for your BMW GS. Choose the ones that are right for you and customize your motorbike to make it unique and increasingly performing!